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Native American Reference Books

The study of the Native American is covered in these books full of portraits and sketches.Tremendous reference sources.

  • Carving the Human Face 2nd Edition

    Capturing Character And Expression In Wood by : Jeff Phares For anyone who's ever had trouble rendering the human face, the newly expanded and revised edition of Carving the Human Face, is your ticket to creating realistic portraits. From a world...

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      Carving the Native American takes the reader step-by-step through the creation of an expressive Native American bust. From starting with a clay model, to blocking out your carving, to shaping and detailing the tiniest...

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  • Faces from the Land - Marra

    After the success of Powwow: Images Along the Red Road, this new book by the Marras presents more photographs and testimonies. Faces from the Land reveals the dancers, who, united by the ageless rhythms of the powwow drums, come from many tribes,...

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    PP.149:  This is the perfect reference book.  Travel back in time and get lost in Native American culture.  This book is a combination of poignant pictures and beautifully matched quotes that give the reader an insight into Native American...

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    240pp By Karen & Ralph Norris.(Hard Cover) If you are fascinated by the beauty and mystery of Northwest Indian carvings, you have to put this book into your collection. It covers totems, drums rattles, boxes, feast dishes, spoons, etc., with the heavies

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    This original study of Plains Indian cultures of the 19th century is presented through the use of period writings, paintings and early photography that relate how life was carried out. The author juxtaposes the sources with new research and modern color...

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    112pp By Ben Marra. A gallery of stunning color portraits of powwow dancers in full regalia. With personal comments from the dancers about the meaning of powwow in their lives, links with family, tribal and cultural traditions, and the spiritual signif

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