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Carving the Human Form

After studying about the human form, now you need help with the carving.Learn from some of the greats such as Wally Lueth, Jeff Phares, Ivan Whillock, etc.

  • Carving and Painting the Sea Captain

    Learn how to carve a lifelike sea captain with this start-to-finish project booklet. From blocking out the planes and roughing in the shapes to adding details, painting, and finishing, more than 80 step-by-step photographs guide you through the entire...

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    74pp By Ivan Whillock who turns his talents to carving an engaging series of children's portraits at play - ten different projects. Carving techniques are illustrated step-by-step, plus complete patterns are included. There is a full color project gall

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    Finally, a book for power carvers by a power carver! Learn to carve realistic facial features with confidence and ease. Follow the concisely illustrated, step-by-step directions for carving all of the features found on the human head. Award winning...

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  • Carving the Head - 2nd Edition

    Learn to carve a classic European bust using the traditional and famous system of Tyrolean carvers. This book presents a complete woodsculpting course in proportion and design, prepared by instructors at the renowned Geisler-Moroder Austrian Woodcarving...

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  • Sculpting The Female Face & Figure In Wood

      144pp.The female face and the female figure have been drawn, sculpted, carved, and painted by artists and craftsman from around the world for centuries. In this book and DVD, author and teacher Ian Norbury offers his expertise and...

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    38pp Carve along with 12 different teachers-each sharing a unique project. There are 4 beginner projects, 4 intermediate projects, and 4 advanced projects. Included are over 100 photos, drawings and patterns to help you in your carving.

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